Wednesdays at 6.30pm to 8pm.
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Scottish Highland Dancing is a celebration of the Scottish spirit. The dances are a spectacular combination of strength, agility, movement, music, and costume. Unlike other dance mediums, Highland dances are generally danced solo and in competition. The dances are great fun and anyone, not just those with a Scottish heritage, can join in and learn the dances.

Highland Dancing was traditionally performed by men but is now performed by men and women. It is one of few arenas where men and women compete equally. In most competitions, the number of women competing far exceeds the number of men. Highland Dancing is a healthy workout for adults and for children. It is a great way to develop good coordination, posture and overall muscle tone, not to mention aerobic capacity and strength. One study showed that a half hour of dance was equal to a game of football!

Student Eileen competing at the Perth Highland Games - August 2010

In addition to perpetuating a great cultural tradition, highland dancers appreciate the athletic challenges, competitive goals, and performance opportunities. They also get the opportunity to meet and become lifelong friends with dancers from other areas, both nationally and internationally, that participation in this art form/sport gives them.

Sarah Breckenridge, principle of the Breckenridge School of Highland Dance, is a Member of the British Association of Highland Dancing in both the Highland and National branches. She performed and competed for 15 years throughout the US and in Scotland. Performance highlights include dancing at Rockefeller Square in NYC for American TV, performing for the UK Ambassador to the US, and for the New Jersey Opera.

Breckenridge School members will be competing this year at:
  • Ashbourne Highland Games (Peak District)
  • Colchester Highland Games (Essex)
  • Harpenden Highland Gathering (Essex)
  • North of England Championship (Newcastle)
  • English Championships (Corby)
  • Chatsworth Country Fair (Peak District)
  • Whitley Bay Competition (Newcastle)
  • Perth Highland Games (Scotland)
  • UKA Championships (Edinburgh)
  • BATD Highland Dance Festival (London)

Tuition is available for beginners of all ages- 3 years to adult, with classes available for intermediate and advanced dancers as well!