Tuesdays at 8.30pm to 9.30pm.
(Dates and times may vary)

Contact Dave Court on 07876 342 109, email kempokan@hotmail.co.uk

Open to anyone aged 16 years and older.
Novice martial artists or those with previous martial arts experience are welcome.

Dacayana UK teaches the family system of indigenous Filipino Martial Arts as learnt directly from Master Jun Dacayana whose headquarters are based in Cebu City, Philippines.

John ‘Jo’ Biggs and Marcie Harding founded Dacayana UK in autumn of 2006. Jo Biggs had first studied Filipino Martial Arts in the 1980's soon after it first appeared in the UK and Marcie Harding had been running her own FMA group since 2003. Both wanted to enrich the current FMA offerings in the UK and allow their students to have access to a pure lineage directly from the Philippines. Dacayana UK is the only group in the UK authorised to teach Master Jun’s Dacayana Eskrima system. 

The Dacayana System of Eskrima was founded by Master Alberto 'Jun' Dacayana of Cebu City, Philippines and Dacayana UK is authorized from the World Headquarters in Cebu.

The Dacayana system is Effective, Unique and Beautiful. The emphasis is on flow, beauty, precision, timing, good body mechanics, control, footwork and form. 

The Dacayana System of indigenous Cebuano Filipino Martial Arts is there for EVERYONE, young or old, to learn an effective and beautiful Cebuano Filipino Martial Art. 

Dacayana UK aims to propagate this beautiful art throughout the United Kingdom and Europe with the blessing of its founder Master Alberto 'Jun' Dacayana. Dacayana UK operates an equality policy free from bigotry, racism and sexism.