Tuesdays at 11am to 11.45am
(Please check the agenda for exact dates) 

Contact Dawn McKevitt  on 07968 599 048, email dawnhtw@yahoo.co.uk

These classes enables everyone whom may be suffering from any physical disability, or mental health issues(stress anxiety) to experience the benefits of exercise, and how it enhances and factually improves mental and physical health. 

It also facilitates individuals to live a longer and more independent life. 

The classes are tailor made to meet the needs of those attending, and has run successfully, with amazing results, for over 15-years.

Our class provides, health, fitness and socialisation. It is accessible, safe and stimulating. But more over NON STIGMATISING and meets the specific needs of all members. It is mainly a seated exercise class, but we can accommodate those who may need a more challenging exercise regimen. 

It also gives the people attending, an opportunity to mix in the wider community and gives users the scope for GREATER INDEPENDENCE.

This class is for anybody and everybody, whether you are:
  • young or old
  • man or woman
  • fit or unfit
  • coordinated or not
  • supple or stiff
  • any one with MS, Parkinson's, Heart problems, breathing problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, replacement hips/knees etc.... 
Wheelchair and walking aid users are also catered for in these classes! 

Contact Dawn on 07968 599 048 or email dawnhtw@yahoo.co.uk