If you need information on the local area, support for your voluntary or charity organisation or need pointing in the right direction for funding, this may be a good place for you to start. Below you will find links to the websites of organisations that we have found particularly useful and supportive.

Local Issues

A group of local Urmston residents who are strongly opposed to the proposal of the Barton Renewable Energy Plant on the grounds of the negative impact it will have on the local community.

An independent, voluntary pressure group who's aim is to protect and promote the founding values of the NHS. Currently campaigning against proposed reforms which will put your NHS at risk.

Local Government, Council & Town Sites

The voice of the ten local authorities of Greater Manchester.

The website for all of Trafford's local services.

The website for Urmston, Flixton and Davyhulme.

"a non-profit, self funding organisation formed to help tackle everyday issues that affect the town centre and to promote Urmston."

Support for Community/Charity Organisations (Including possible sources of funding)

A tool designed to help not-for-profit groups become compliant quickly, easily and free of charge by helping to produce documents such as contracts, policies and job descriptions using content written by lawyers.

"Helping local people do extraordinary things." - If you're applying for a grant to support a local community project, want to donate to local causes or looking for support with your philanthropy, they can help.

(Greater Manchester Voluntary Sector Support) - A voluntary and community sector resource for funding, information and guidance (including the GM Funding portal).

(Trafford CVS) - An independent voluntary organisation working with the people of Trafford to enhance the quality of life by promoting, supporting and developing community and voluntary activity.

Help with the development of voluntary and community groups and local charities.

Volunteering England - Works to support and increase the quality, quantity, impact and accessibility of volunteering throughout England.

Volunteers Programs

Starfish Ventures specialises in volunteer travel, volunteer programs, volunteer work and many more activities in Thailand. Come and join Starfish Ventures in Thailand and make a real difference.

Other Useful Resources

A partnership venture between Community Transport and Green-Works aiming to provide good quality reusable office furniture that would otherwise find its way into landfill.

A scheme to help community groups and charities access free surplus goods from businesses and organisations whilst at the same time helping reduce the amount of goods sent to landfill.

The excellent free service used to create the Humphrey Park website.
If you're in need of support, search the network to be connected with a professional life coach or NLP practitioner.

Online software for creating free basic surveys.

Steegle offers help and advice regarding Google products. Here, Steegle gives instructions on setting up a presentation/slideshow like the one on our homepage.

Redirect your naked domain (your web address without the www) to your www address for free. Simply add an A record to @ If you are hosting your website with Google, you will need a domain host which supports CNAME and A record redirects at the same time. We currently use Fasthosts.