Fridays at 4.30pm to 8.30pm - During term time
(Dates and times may vary)

Welcome to My Own Tutor Manchester...
...the tutoring service that works 24/7 for your child no matter your location! 
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Weekly fun and energetic tuition sessions in English and Maths for ages 5 - 16 years using an interactive online learning system. Specialised 11+ tuition for Year 4 and 5 students.

My Own Tutor is suitable and affordable enough to meet a wide range of needs, particularly students wanting to:

  • Make accelerated progress in English and Maths

  • Consolidate other subject knowledge

  • Prepare for 11+ and 13+ and other entry exams

  • Achieve their full potential

  • Aim for top universities  

  • Find extra support

  • Catch up and make progress


With online material round the clock and a freephone weekday teacher support line to help students, My Own Tutor Manchester provides all the support children need to become motivated, independent learners.

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