Private lessons for children aged 5-11 years.
30 minutes lessons between 10am and 1pm.

Contact Nicola Roach on 07920 423 787, 

Learning about music can have many advantages for young children:
  • Gives an early introduction to basic maths skills. Understanding beats, rhythm and scales introduces children to division, fractions and patterns.
  • Improves both short and long term memory as they begin to recite songs.
  • Promotes ambidexterity due to demanding different actions from the right and left hand.
  • Enhances coordination and timing, which can help prepare children for other hobbies such as dance and sports.
  • Encourages teamwork, peer interaction and communication.
  • Teaches children about discipline, patience and perseverance as they work towards certain goals.
  • Creates a sense of achievement and helps to build self-confidence when feedback is turned into positive change.